• Blue Envelope Program

    We're a proud member of the Blue Envelope Program to facilitate contacts between law enforcement and those with special needs or medical conditions.

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  • Phone Scam

    Beware of bogus phone calls impersonating the Sheriff's Department threatening arrest because of a missed court appearance.

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  • Hi-Lo

    Our patrol cars will soon be equipped with the Hi-Lo. It is a crucial tool that can provide a warning of impending danger. When you hear the Hi-Lo, it's time to go!

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  • Free Lifesaving Medication

    You now have more access to a fast-acting medicine in case of an overdose emergency. The Harm Reduction Kits are FREE. No questions asked.

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  • Sheriff Helicopter Announcements to Phone

    If you hear a Sheriff's helicopter making announcements over your neighborhood, you can now receive a text message straight to your cell phone.

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  • Text to 9-1-1

    Text to 9-1-1 is now available in San Diego County. This is not a service of convenience. Call if you can, Text ONLY if you can't.

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  • IMG_1579

    New Helicopters

    Our commitment to your safety is reaching new heights. We are elevating our emergency preparedness in the region with two new helicopters.

  • Samuel Ryder

    Inspirational Valor in Service

    We shine the spotlight on Sergeant Samuel Ryder, a man whose heart is as big as his sense of duty. His remarkable story is one of sacrifice, honor and unyielding spirit of service

  • One Agency Thumbnail - Website

    A Lifetime of Opportunities

    We are hiring! You can have a fulfilling career of doing what you love, whatever your interest or passion may be. We're looking to fill 255 positions. Apply now at joinsdsheriff.net or text the word "JOIN" to (855) 737-4374.

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